About Us

About WoofAndWag

A few people have been wanting to know more about WoofAndWag – so here goes:

I go by HavokHusky, I’ve been part of the furry fandom for over a decade now and I started WoofAndWag in April 2019.

At that time I was still pretty new to The pup community.

With WoofAndWag I wanted to create some pup clothing that was a little different, something a bit more inclusive as I couldn’t see a lot of support for Trans and Cis-Female pups and I believe as the pup community is such a diverse group that everyone should feel included!

You can find me in a number of Furry and Pup telegram groups :3 and it is myself in most if not all of the photos on here xD

If you would like to know more get in touch via DM on twitter/instagram or if you find me on telegram send a message there!

You may find me at the next Animalz too :3